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Peter Nyberg 
Turning challenges into opportunities
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Signature Bakery Consulting

My passion is working with people to create new business opportunities, through high-quality products supported by proper employee training.   I have a personalized, hands-on partnership approach and will treat your business as if it were my own.  You will not be lost in a large consulting firm, equipment company or supplier.  No operation is too small or large--I welcome all who want assistance in creating a new business from the ground up, or who are seeking to improve their existing business.  Whether you would like to start a new business, reinvent your current business with a new concept or vision, conduct R&D or testing of new products, revamp your systems and operations, or update your team’s training and depth of knowledge, I can help you.  

I have been in the artisan baking industry for more than 24 years.  My experience ranges from working with start-up single artisan bakeries to multi-unit operations, manufacturing facilities, as well as grocery bakery operations and programs.  I have been a mixer, have owned my own bakery, and have been a corporate senior bakery operations director overseeing bakery departments in 27 retail stores, including one in the United Kingdom. If you are looking to start your own small bakery, or currently have a bakery operation or restaurant that has challenges, I can help you on your way to success. 

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