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Peter Nyberg 
Turning challenges into opportunities
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Design & Layout

With a proven track record of design and layout ranging from single artisan bakeries to large retail and wholesale operations, I will create a realistic working flow and make use of every operational square foot of your business. While operational design and work flow is important, it is also critical to incorporate the retail sales element in every situation. Focusing upon creating a positive working environment for your team starts with the correct operational workflow. Capitalizing on output per square foot in existing and new operations is key to growing to the maximum within your space. 

Design & Layout Success 

I have been privileged to work with many architects and builders throughout my career from small private firms to large corporations handling multimillion dollar construction projects.  These projects have also involved equipment suppliers from around the world.  My experience with new and remodeled bakery layout and design is proven with such successful operations as six EatZi’s bakeries, MIX the Bakery in Vancouver, BC, and multiple new Whole Foods Markets (including the award-winning Whole Foods fully scratch bakery, located in the United Kingdom).  From the types of materials to use for construction to retail, electrical, plumbing, lighting, equipment and small-wares, I can coordinate it all and do it the right way for your business.



The retail customer’s experience is critical to your business. Your customer’s experience encompasses the following: sight, smell, taste and interaction.  I focus heavily on the line of sight in the retail area so that it exceeds the customer’s experience and expectations.  The customer "WOW" factor is always the ultimate goal. 

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