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Peter Nyberg 
Turning challenges into opportunities
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Equipment & Product Test

Equipment selection 


Increasing capacity while saving in labor and increased consistency in product is extremely important when choosing the right piece of equipment for your operation. By working with many bakery equipment brands through the years, I know the opportunities that are possible for your growing business.  

Bakery Equipment Companies & Manufacturers 


Product testing has encompassed a large part of my career, not only for myself and the companies that I have worked for, but also for equipment manufacturers presenting to prospects and repeat customers.  These companies include:

  • C.H. Babb Tunnel Ovens
  • Capway Systems
  • Allied Bakery Equipment
  • Pepperidge Farms
  • Maple Leaf
  • Nonni’s Food Company
  • Old London Foods
  • Pain d’Or
  • Kiss Baking Company
I have worked with engineers on building industry baking equipment from mixers and rack ovens to large scale tunnel ovens.  Ramping up and testing your equipment in real conditions, maintaining data logs and giving feedback on performance are among some of the challenges that I can help you overcome.  Whether you have a new line of mixers, rack ovens, proofers or tunnel ovens, I can assess the situation and make the test runs that you need. 

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