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R&D - Starting a Bakery

Product Formulations and 

Research and Development

Properly written formulations of re-engineered and/or new products are essential in controlling not only costs but the quality of your products.  The attention to detail within the formulation can also illuminate opportunities in added margin dollars. Margin target formulation is one area that I can help you focus upon and review.  Here are some others:

Baker percentages - formulation review
Balanced formulations 

* Production formulation accuracy
Commodity consolidation
*      Margin driver & non-driver formulas
*      Lost leader formulas
*      Exclusive “one of a kind“ formulations 
*      Roll out and implementation of new formulations 

Research and development has always been an area that is typically underutilized within an operation.  I provide focused research and development for areas of need within your product line using your current and or new commodities. Below are some of the services that I provide: 

* R&D launch and roll out of new formulations 

* Formulation of new or re-engineered products

* Tailor-built artisan bread and pastry programs 

- Seasonal product line calendars

- Training of new bakery product lines

* All-natural starter development for brand identity

* Production floor formulation accuracy

* Baker percentages/formulations with costs

* Commodity formulation consolidation and conversion to                 all-natural / organic

* Wholesale/retail competition and customer analysis 

Starting a Bakery

Perhaps you are someone who has thought about starting your own bakery but are somewhat unsure of where to begin.  I can help you develop your overall concept and work with you to get your business underway.  Whether you need formulations and training, business planning or assistance from concept development to opening day, I can work with you to ensure that you develop a strong and viable business. 

Here are some of the areas that I can help you with:

* Launching & roll out of new product lines

* Merchandising
Wholesale/retail competition and customer analysis

* All natural starter development for brand identity 

* Tailor-built artisan bread and pastry programs
Baker percentage formulations ( costed )
Seasonal product line calendars
Training of new bakery product lines

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