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Systems & Operations

Do you have an operation that wants to keep to the tradition of hand made production but need help in systems and productivity?  If so, I can help you. A system-supported operation is one of right time right place while being predictable and projectable.  Labor efficiencies and station management supported by operational timelines should be a heavy focus. 

Operational flow and the systems that support it are critical to maximizing your business potential. This includes retail bakery, wholesale and production operations.  Additionally, if you have a manual operation and want to move to one with a semi or fully automated production line, we can discuss the many advantages to you.  In many cases this can be done while improving quality and consistency.  Some of the system and operational services that I provide are: 

Retail systems and operations

Daily opening & closing procedures 

Customer flow & experience (ideal) 


Back counter operational flow

Retail timelines - production

Team scheduling - Labor

Team assessments 

Labor efficiencies 

Labor performa


Station flow review 

Units per hour audit

Labor - efficiencies 

Production sheets/timelines

Production scheduling (ideal) 

Production opportunities 

Waste control 

Cost of Goods 

Commodity cost file audit 

Cost of goods review 

Established par levels & maintenance

Inventory maintenance/monthly process 

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