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Peter Nyberg 
Turning challenges into opportunities
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Depth of knowledge is the quickest builder of moral and quality of product.  A well trained team has the highest output not only in volume but in quality, consistency and retail sales.  Another hallmark of a great team is low turnover.  Lack of knowledge stifles not only the employee but your entire operation.  Having trained and worked with individuals from France, South Africa, Brazil, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Mexico, Russia and China, I have experienced many different methods of training.  By working one on one with teams and management and increasing their depth of knowledge, together we can turn potential weaknesses into assets.  This in turn will increase the abilities and productivity of your team. 

Dilution of knowledge is a slow killer of morale, quality of product, productivity and operations.  The original practices and procedures that make a business successful can decline over time if the correct training methods are not in place.  I have developed training materials that can become customized, living documents within your operation. 

Training also sets forth expectations for the individual.  Once a new employee has been “certified trained” for a station, the expectations of output and proper running of that station is now their responsibility.  This is a great opportunity for the individual to either succeed and grow or will uncover challenges to be addressed relative to performance.

Here are the areas of training that I can offer: 

Team assessments - retail/operational 

Custom training materials 

Team development training

Retail training and customer service

Station training 

Equipment training

Product training 

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